Flat Ship Rates

Flat-Ship-Rates - This allows you to override shipping rules for an item. You can specify the exact shipping amount to be charged for this item. You may also specify the shipping amount for each of your shipping methods. Shipping methods that you do not specify will use the normal rule

Correct Format



This means that shipping method #24 will be $10 for this item, Shipping method #25 will be $20 for this item, The shipping rate is multiplied by the quantity of the item. If someone orders quantity 3 of this item and selects method #24, the shipping cost for will be $30, This does not include the shipping costs for other items in the cart. Each flat rate should be on a new line.

Group Flat Rates (Quantity not multiplied by rate):



The addition of the asterisk after a rule indicates that this is a GROUP flat rate rule. Meaning quantity is not multiplied by the rate. The rate will ALWAYS be $10 for method #24 regardless of quantity ordered, FURTHERMORE, this group flat rate will also work with other items that have an IDENTICAL flat rate.

For example: If quantity 4 cans of Coke are ordered and quantity 3 cans of Sprite are ordered using method #24, and BOTH have 24=10*, then the shipping for all 7 cans will be $10.

Quantity Discounts:

Correct Format:

24=10 3 7 6 5

25=20 3 15 6 10

In the first row, method #24 is used, and the flat rate is $10. If the customer orders at least quantity 3, then the flat rate for $7/each, If the customer orders quantity 6 and up, the flat rate is $5/each.

Group Flat Rates combined with Quantity Discounts (Quantity not multiplied by rate.):

Correct Format:

24=10 3 21 6 30*

25=20 3 45 6 60*

Just add an asterisk at the end of each applicable line. In this example, quantity is NOT multiplied by the flat rate. If a customer chooses method #24, and purchases qty.3 of an item. Shipping would be $21 (without using the asterisk, shipping would have been $63. $21 * 3).


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