Global Shipping Settings

  • Treat All Shipments As Residential - Set to Yes if you want residential rates to be used instead of commercial rates. (Default: Yes)
  • Declare Value On Shipments - If set to Yes, shipping insurance will also be calculated. Please note, this does not work with USPS. (Default: No)
  • Count Value of Excluded Items Towards Global Free Shipping - If set to Yes, an item’s value will still be counted toward free shipping even if the item itself is excluded from global free shipping. (Default: Yes)
  • Disable Global Free Shipping if a Coupon or Promo Code is Used - If a customer enters a valid coupon or promo code, then global free shipping will not be given. (Default: No)
  • Use Points System Instead of Dimensions - If set to Yes, “Point System” will be used in lieu of dimensions. (Default: Yes)
  • Free Shipping Countdown Threshold - Sets the order value that needs to be reached for free shipping to be applied. For use with the free shipping countdown add-on.
  • Free Shipping Teaser - Enter the text to use that tells your customers how much more they need to add in order to qualify for free or discounted shipping. Use #VAL# to display the amount needed.  Use #TYPE# to show the word “free” or “discounted”.
  • Free Shipping Eligible Verbiage - Enter the text to show customers once they have reached the free shipping threshold.  Use #TYPE# to show the word “free” or “discounted”.
  • Please note entering #TYPE# will show “free” or “discounted” depending on if the 
    customer has other items in the cart that are excluded from free shipping.

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