Shipping Rates- Calculation Type

Choose one of the following:

1.Real-Time Rates From a Courier

  • This will allow you to use real-time rates from UPS, FedEx, USPS, and several Freight Couriers.

If you choose this method in the "Calculation Type", shipping rates will be real-time rates from a shipping courier such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS.  
Assigned Method - Select the real time shipping method that you wish to use for this rule.

2.Percentage of Order, Flat Rate Added to Total, or Per Item / Pound

This will allow you to set fixed rates depending on the order.

If this is selected for the calculation type, you will see the following prompts:

1.Percentage of Order - Enter a numeric value to specify what percent of the order subtotal to charge for shipping. For example: if you enter 10, then 10% of the order subtotal will be used for the shipping rate.  If the order subtotal is $100, then the shipping rate would be $10.00.

2.Flat Rate per Item - For each item in the cart (including multiple quantities of the same item), the system will charge the set amount. For example: if you enter 2, and the customer orders 7 items, $14.00 will be charged for shipping.

3.Flat Rate to Total - Enter a flat dollar amount to be charged for shipping.  For example: if you enter 8.50, then $8.50 will be charged for shipping regardless of what is in the cart.

4.Flat Rate per Point - Enter a dollar amount to be charged per pound of the total order weight.  For example: if the total contents of the cart weighs 12 pounds, and you set $2 per pound, the shipping charge will be $24.00.

Please Note: These 4 methods of calculating shipping costs may be used together.

3.Table with Assigned Basis to Calculate Flat Rates or Real-Time Rates

  •  This method will allow you to create a shipping rate table based on Taxable Amount, Non-Taxable Amount, Amount (subtotal), Weight, or Items (total number of items in cart). You can specify a dollar amount to charge at different points within the table and/or you can specify that real-time rates from a courier should be used at specific points in the table.

Basis - Choose a basis from one of the following from which to calculate shipping: (See yellow area below)

  • Taxable Amount (total value of all taxable items in cart)
  • Non-Taxable Amount (total value of all non-taxable items in cart)
  • Amount (total value of all)
  • Weight (total weight of order)
  • Items (total number of items in the cart)

Below in the green shaded area, you will see a table that allows you to create your shipping rates. In the example, "Weight" is selected as the basis for calculation.  The example states the following:

From 0 Pounds (up until the next weight increment) --> Charge $5.00 Shipping
From 3 Pounds --> Charge $9.00
From 6 Pounds --> Charge $12.00
From 10 Pounds --> Use FedEx Ground real-time rates.

The example demonstartes the ability to use a combination of table rates with real-time rates.  If you need to add additional rows to the table, click the "Add Another Row" link at the bottom of the table.

When you are done, click the “Save Settings” button at the bottom.

To cancel, click the “Cancel & Go Back” button at the bottom

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