Free Shipping Over X

Free Shipping Over - Enter a threshold amount for which to give free shipping. If the total item value exceeds this amount, shipping will be free if this shipping method is selected. Leave blank if you do not want to offer free shipping.

Subtract Coupons - Set to Yes if you want the free shipping threshold to be calculated after any coupons are applied. Select No if you want the free shipping threshold to be calculated before coupons are applied. For example, if you set the threshold to $100, and a customer orders $110 worth of items they will receive free shipping. However, if you set “Exclude Coupons” to “Yes”, and the customer uses a $20 coupon, the total order value will be calculated at $90 ($110 - $20), and the customer will not receive free shipping.
*this feature is not applicable to Shopify stores

Valid Only - Select the shipping destinations that are eligible for free shipping.

  • 48 States - Continental US + Washington DC
  • 48 States, AK, HI - All 50 US States + Washington DC
  • 48 States, AK, HI, Territories - All 50 US States, Washington DC, American Samoa, Cnal Zone, Guam, Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Max Weight Allowed - Enter the maximum weight allowed to offer free shipping on. For example: you ship large heavy items that you dont want to include in your stores free shipping program, here you would set the maximum weight to 50 pounds, causing any items over 50 pounds to be calculated using a set shipping rule

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