Ignore Item Origin-Zip

Ignore Item "Origin-Zip" - This is an advanced setting and in most cases, you should leave this set to "no".

One of the features of the Advanced Shipping Manager is to allow you to set the origin zip code for each of your items.  If a customer orders multiple items that have different origin zip codes, the system will calculate multiple shipments using the origin zip codes of the items ordered.

However, in some cases, you may want to disable this for some of your shipping rules.  For example, if you want to run a special promotion for $5.00 shipping, and a customer ordered multiple items from multiple origin zip codes, then the system would calculate shipping ($5.00) for each of the items.  So if there were 2 items in the cart (each with a different origin zip code), the total shipping would be $10.00.

If you set this to "Yes", then the system will ignore the items' origin zip codes, and treat all items as though they were being shipped from the same location.

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