Minimum Weight & Maximum Weight and Split Package

Minimum Weight & Maximum Weight

Default setting for both of these is blank.

Use these ONLY IF you have a specific reason to create a minimum or maximum weight for this rule. 

Minimum Weight tells the system to only use this rule if the set weight is reached.  For example: if you set this to 10, then this rule will only apply to orders that weigh 10 pounds or greater.

Maximum Weight tells the system to only use this rule if the set weight is not exceed. For example; if you set this to 50, then this rule will only apply to orders that weight 50 pounds or less.

Minimum and Maximum Weights may be used together.

If you leave the maximum weight blank, there will be no maximum limit on this rule except those imposed by the courier. 

Default is blank, for both, and in most cases, you can safely leave them blank.

If Over—Split Package - ONLY use this in conjunction with maximum weight (see #2) If checked and a maximum weight is set, the system will automatically split the order into multiple packages when the maximum weight is reached.  However, if you leave minimum and maximum weights blank, the system will still split orders into multiple packages if the rule uses real-time rates, and the courier’s limit is exceeded.

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