Setting up Free Shipping based on order Value

Free Shipping can be a great way to keep your customers satisfied, but it doesn't always work out in everyone's favor. Raising prices in order to offer free shipping wont help convert customers and can end up costing you way too much on shipping or it may cause your customers to shop somewhere else that is offering similiar products at a lower cost.

One way to get around this is to offer free shipping on orders exceeding a certain dollar amount, this way you know your not spending more on shipping than the item is worth and it will even increase your average order amount! 

Lets go over the basic setup of Free Shipping Based on order value. For this example we are going to set our free shipping to kick in at $50!

Lets get started:

Login to your ASM Backend
Navigate to the  Shipping Rates page
Click add new shipping Rule
Give your Shipping Rule a descriptive name, You dont want to name the method free shipping because this name will be displayed regardless of the cost of shipping, the only thing that will change will be the cost of this shipping method.
Set your Country / State rules
Select "Real-Time Rates From a Courier" on the calculation type and Select your preferred method for the free shipping rule, most stores use UPS Ground or some other Economy shipping type.

In the "Free Shipping Over" field set your Free Shipping threshold, orders going over this amount will be shipped for free! If you ship heavy products and you want to charge real time rates for those items be sure to set the "Max Weight Allowed" field.  

Congratulations! You are now set up to offer FREE Shipping on all order exceeding $50 but under 50lbs!

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