Setting up Items that ship in Multiple Boxes

Login to Advanced Shipping Manager back-end. 
Under your items Summary Click Download Database in CSV format
Open the Downloaded Product Database and find the column Titled "ship-alone
Set (H) number-of-boxes to the number of boxes that your item will ship in
Set (I) to the weight of each box that will be shipping for this item in lbs separated by a space
Set (J) to the dimensions of each box separated by a space. the format of the dimensions is in inches LxWxH
for our example item 1 ships in 2 boxes, weighing 15 and 31 pounds with the dimensions of 10x4x9 and 9x10x20
Save your Product database

*Mac Users: please save your csv as MS-DOS Comma Separated(.csv)

navigate to the Advanced shipping manager   Summary Page
Click Upload Database in CSV format (overwrite existing data)

You are now set up to ship your multi box items!

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