Getting Started With Shopify

Prepping your Shopify store for Advanced Shipping Manager set up.

Login to your shopify store
Click settings > Shipping
If you do not have any Shipping Zones set up, create one for the countries that you plan on shipping too.
You should have Carrier-Calculated Shipping enabled on your account, if you do not see this option you will have to  Contact Shopify Support to enable this setting.
Save your settings, you are now ready to install the Advanced Shipping Manager App for Shopify

Installing the Advanced Shipping Manager App

Go to the  shopify app store
Search for Advanced shipping manager (or  click here to go to the app page Advanced Shipping Manager )
Click GET
Click install app
Go to settings / Shipping
You should see Advanced Shipping Manager Connector for Shopify under your previously created zones

(important: if you do not see the api truck under your shipping zones please ensure that you have Carrier Calculated shipping enabled on your account, if you do not see Carrier Calculated Shipping under your Shipping Zones you will need to Contact Shopify Support and enable this feature in order to continue with the Setup, If you do have Carrier calculated shipping and you still don't see the API truck please reinstall the Advanced Shipping Manager shopify app.)

Getting Started With the Advanced Shipping Manager

•Locate your login credentials that were emailed to you. If you do not have a login please contact our customer support at 888-546-4932

•Login to the  advanced shipping manager backend

You are now ready to start using advanced shipping manager!

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