Configuring specific items for Free Shipping

Do you have specific items you want to ship for free using different shipping methods?

Using Advanced Shipping Manager you can set specific items to ship for free using various methods regardless of the items Weight, Price or Dimensions. 

Let's go over the basic setup:

Login to Advanced Shipping Manager back-end. 
Under your items Summary Click Download Database in CSV format
Open the Downloaded Product Database and find the column Titled "free-shipping" 
Set free shipping to yes on the products you want to ship for free
Navigate to the column titled "free-ship-method". this is where you will assign the shipping methods that you want to use to ship your product.
Set "free-ship-method" as a numerical value that corresponds to your shipping rules. For example we will ship our product using shipping rule 1.
you can find your shipping method number on the shipping rates page. if you want to ship this item for free using multiple methods just put in the numbers separated by a space. For example: 1 2 3
Save your Product database
*Mac Users: please save your csv as MS-DOS Comma Separated(.csv)
navigate to the Advanced shipping manager  Summary Page

Click Upload Database in CSV format (overwrite existing data)

You are now set up to ship specific products for free using your preconfigured shipping methods!

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