Setting up Products that ship from Multiple Warehouses

Do you have products that ship from multiple warehouses? 
Do you want to automatically calculate shipping based off of the closest warehouse to the customer?

Advanced Shipping Managers Multiple Warehouse add-on allows you to do that!

lets go over the basic setup!

Multiple Warehouse Origins for the same Product

Login to Advanced Shipping Manager
On the Summary page, click Download Database in CSV format
Open the CSV and Locate the Column titled "Origin-Zip" on this store the column is G
Set the Origin Zips for products that are being shipped from multiple warehouses. For example our products are being shipped from 3 different warehouses with the zip codes being 33010, 94203 and 10027.
Save Your CSV, depending on what program you are using this option should be under File > Save
*Mac Users: please save your csv as MS-DOS Comma Separated(.csv)

Upload your CSV to the ASM Backend on the Summary Page

You are now ready to set up your Shipping rules however you like! check out the linked articles for rules you can use with our Multiple Warehouse Add-on!

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